The make-up of your workspaces is having a bigger effect on talent retention and recruitment than ever before. This webinar explores how you can create an environment employees will love.

Businesses are facing many challenges in this competitive world, but the fast-evolving workspace expectations of employees can’t be ignored. Indeed, 44% of businesses see adapting to these expectations as their biggest workspace challenge over the next five years. That’s because more and more employees value their working environment very highly, and are more than happy to move to another company if yours doesn’t make the grade.

Give your workforce what they want

This webinar sheds some light on the things you can do to keep hold of the brightest minds in your business and attract new ones. You’ll get insights on:

  • How the changing workspace technology landscape affects your recruitment
  • What’s driving new employee expectations
  • What all this means for your workspaces and the management of them