One the biggest challenges for companies worldwide in the last year was the impact of remote working on higher-value interpersonal work such as learning and innovation.

The lack of face-to-face interaction highlighted how strongly activities such as training, mentoring, creative brainstorming, and ideation are rooted in the physical workplace.

As organisations plot a return to the office, how can learning and innovation flourish again in a hybrid world of work?

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Join us for a webinar on June 3rd in collaboration with WORKTECH, to discuss how new workplace strategies and technologies can support people to learn and innovate successfully in the future.

Join a host of senior professionals from HR, real estate, facilities, executive management, architecture, design, and professional advisors to listen to a panel of global thought leaders share best practice, success stories and expertise.

The overall aim is to examine workplace strategies that will drive business recovery in the wake of the pandemic and address the question: what are the routes to revival?


British Council

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*This event is part of a 2021 research and insight program, Condeco Conversations, in partnership with WORKTECH ACADEMY. Check back in for more insights, discussions to join and resources to download here.


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