Condeco and WORKTECH have long had a trusted partnership within the research and insights into workplace trends and foresight into future workspace developments.

To support these strategic developments within our working environments, and to share ideas with the global workplace market, we’ve teamed up with WORKTECH Academy on a rolling research program, Condeco Conversations. We are engaging with the global Corporate Real Estate (CRE) community through a series of workshops, webinars, interviews and reviews of academic research and publicly available material to understand the barriers that enterprise organizations face and the cultural, architectural and technological solutions they are currently devising as a hybrid world of work starts to emerge. Our main question is a simple one: what are the routes to the revival? It is a question for which everyone is seeking answers.

And this, your Condeco Conversations hub comes complete with research to read at your leisure, webinars and other events to join in on the discussions, and as we continuously see changes within our world of work, additional resources to keep you up-to-date with it all.

Core themes within these conversations you’ll be able to explore:

  • Learning and innovation
  • Collaboration and experience
  • Culture and Well-being

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Join the conversation

Join in the live discussions, watch the recordings on-demand, and hear directly from global industry expertise in the latest webinars:

Webinar 1

Condeco Conversations - Learning and innovation

June 3rd, 4pm (BST)/ 11am (EST}

Learning and innovation

One of the biggest challenges for companies worldwide in the last year was the impact of remote working on higher-value interpersonal work such as learning and innovation.

The lack of face-to-face interaction highlighted how strongly activities such as training, mentoring, creative brainstorming, and ideation are rooted in the physical workplace.

As organizations plot a return to the office, how can learning and innovation flourish again in a hybrid world of work?

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Webinar 2

Condeco Conversations - Experience and collaboration

September 14th , 3.30pm (BST)/ 10.30am (EDT)

Experience and Collaboration

One of the biggest challenges for companies worldwide in the last year was the impact of remote working on higher-value interpersonal work such as the team experience and collaboration.

Companies are now having to rethink how they manage and curate their office space to provide seamless experiences, address the social needs of all employees, and bridge the gap between physical and virtual employees.

As organizations plan how can they leverage workplace experience and real-time collaboration for a successful transition into the flexible world of work?

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Further reading

Learning and innovation ebook

Since the onset of COVID-19 in early 2020, the world of work has been in a constant state of flux. Organizations have been forced to go on a journey of digital adaptation and transformation, making a series of tactical moves to keep their businesses running amid a series of successive lockdowns and disruptions. Now, more than one year on from the start of the pandemic, organizations of every scale and in every sector are starting to think more strategically about the future of work – they are pivoting away from navigating through a crisis to planning their medium to longer-term workplace strategies. They are forging new pathways out of the pandemic.

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Condeco Learning and innovation ebook

Experience and collaboration ebook

After 18 months of remote work and successive lockdowns during the COVID-19 crisis, the future looks flexible – a mix of working in the office, from home and in a variety of ‘third’ spaces is on the near horizon. But what does this mean for the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) leaders who are looking to forge new pathways out of the pandemic by understanding the new purpose of the office, and by tailoring space and experiences to the changing needs of employees? What challenges do they face, and how can digital solutions and technology help to address them?

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Condeco experience and collaboation ebook

Upcoming events

Webinar 3


Webinar 3

Culture and well-being

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