As the world starts to look ahead, it is important for companies to start to look towards a sustainable flexible working model.

Here we look at how IT and CRE can come together to deliver the best outcomes for their businesses and support the right employee experience.

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Join us for a panel discussion on July 27 in collaboration with Relogix and Lenovo, to discuss how new workplace strategies and technologies can support people to successfully enable a work from anywhere workplace.

The overall aim is to examine workplace strategies that will drive business recovery in the wake of the pandemic and how bringing IT and CRE together can help to ensure success.

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Presented by:

Mike Pilcher

Mike Pilcher


Sandra Panara

Sandra Panara

Director of Workspace Insights

Todd DeSaix

Todd DeSaix

General Manager of Smart Building Solutions, Industry Solutions

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On-Demand: Bridging the Gap between IT and CRE when future proofing the office

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