Wednesday 27th June 2018

Most people I know enjoy a good sit-com, and British television has produced some world’s most loved classics. Workplaces represented in television, although exaggerated for dramatic effect, have captured our imagination and we can all relate to the narratives; from the difficult colleague, horrible boss, office gossip, big mergers, sales deals, office antics or the classic stapler in the jelly.

In reality, we know these workplace situations are questionable. The terms agile, flexible, collaboration, wellness and innovative working spaces clearly don’t exist in these storylines, yet we feel an affinity with the characters.

And let’s face it, who hasn’t dreamed of putting your colleague’s stapler in jelly. 

But what does it take to ensure your company is competitive?

The Office

“I suppose I’ve created an atmosphere where I’m a friend first and a boss second. Probably an entertainer third.”

At some point in our career we would have had a terrible manager, but can anyone be as truly cringe worthy as David Brent? Possibly the worst manager of all time, completely missing the mark with his lack of management and interpersonal skills. Being able to successfully manage your team plays a huge part in talent retention and employee wellness. We spend 30 per cent of our lifetime at work, so ensuring your working environment is a productive and happy place to be is vitally important.

“50% Of employees quit their boss, not their job.” ~ Gallup

Gallup explains:

“When you have a bad boss, it creates this compounding effect that’s really damaging. Employees are miserable at work, that misery follows them home, making them even more stressed and spreading that negativity to their families.”

The IT Crowd

“Ah! The IT-department. Run by a dynamic go-getter, a genius and a man from Ireland.”

Hiding away in the depths of the basement, ensures this IT team are not visible to the rest of the organisation. Employee wellness plays a huge part of productivity and although they seem to enjoy being disjointed from the rest of the organisation, being more accessible and creating an agile and collaborative space has a direct impact on employee productivity.

53% of employees believed their productivity would increase if they could attain their ideal office environment ~ Source

Steve Lang, Director at Savills Research explains:

“Productivity in the workplace is vital to support an efficient business and enhance the bottom line, but it is apparent that a lot of employees feel that they are hampered by the environment around them.”

Faulty Towers

“Right, well I’ll go and have a lie down then. No, I won’t; I’ll go and hit some guests.”

This high-pressure customer facing workplace, has a front of house team who fail on all levels of providing a smooth customer journey. Basil is a highly-strung manager, and the rest of the team take their lead from the chaos. Customers are treated badly and with contempt. This makes excellent comedy, but we would question employee wellness, job satisfaction and the lifecycle of the customer journey.

89% of customers will stay loyal to a company with a strong focus on omni-channel engagement ~ Aberdeen Group

Aberdeen Group Inc. claims that companies with the strongest omni-channel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89 per cent of their customers, as compared to 33 per cent for companies with weak omni-channel strategies.

Open All Hours

“One day, Granville, all this will be y-yours. Lock-lock-lock-lock-lock-lock, stock and barrel.”

Always after the deal, Arkwright has an entrepreneurial spirit, although it’s not always in his customers best interest. His business has the monopoly in the local area and the footfall ensures he has a strong customer base, but his lack of technology is a constant frustration to his shop assistant Granville.

25% of employees feel frustrated by outdated working methods – study conducted across six European countries

Professionals estimate that employees are frustrated three times a day on average, because of technologies that do not meet their needs. This frustration shows: 35 per cent of respondents regularly claim that the digital tools they use are defective, with 46 per cent preferring to use their own smartphone, tablet or other devices, rather than those provided by their employer.

Lucky for us, Wernham Hogg, Reynholm Industries, Faulty Towers and Arkwright’s are just great sit-coms! Taking advantage of the latest workplace technology, providing an agile and flexible working environment, creating an office layout which encourages activity based working helps to maintain a happy working environment. Enables employees to be productive in and outside of work and help to find the all-important balance of the perfect working environment.

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