Tuesday 30th November 2021
IT issues that can be solved with workspace technology

Using technology to support a more flexible approach to work will pay dividends for employers and employees alike. As we discussed in our recent flexible work eBook, the former gain from greater productivity, the latter from a new approach to work that supports greater well-being, and both can collectively share in the success of company growth.

But one group of people who are often overlooked among all this is the Information Technology (IT) team within the organization deploying the solution. After all, they’re the people who will be tasked with ensuring any new solution is implemented properly, works harmoniously with other platforms, and is kept up and running without any disruption to business.

Of course, IT teams have enough on their plate day-to-day without bringing more new technology into the mix, so they need to be sure that any solution won’t give them any headaches.

Here, we highlight five of the main concerns IT teams may have about the adoption of a workspace booking solution, and how we have worked hard to allay those concerns.

“I need to deploy a solution that we can depend on to work for all employees, all the time.”

The Condeco solution is built on two decades of expertise, and is powered by the world-leading capabilities of Microsoft Azure Cloud. This makes it easy for employees to connect to the system and make bookings, whenever and wherever they’re working. But it also gives IT reassurance that one of the world’s leading cloud platforms is underpinning the day-to-day operations of flexible work, and by extension, the business as a whole. 

“I’ve already got enough to deal with every day, so any new solution needs to be as simple for me as it is for users.”

Condeco has been designed to be as easy to adopt for IT teams as it is for the employees who will use it every day. Its intuitive system is simple to learn, cutting the time needed to onboard users and get them up and running. And as Condeco runs across mobile apps, web and Microsoft Outlook, users can make bookings through whichever platform they feel comfortable with, reducing the amount of help they need from IT.

“I need to know that this solution will be able to handle whatever working model or technology demands we may face in the future.”

Condeco has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for many years, and as a result of this strong and successful technology partnership, we have the ability to access and incorporate next-generation technology as and when it emerges. We work closely with Microsoft to ensure our platform is always equipped to meet the business and workforce needs of tomorrow.

“We have existing identity management in place and it works very well, so a new solution needs to fit in with that.”

Maintaining user profiles across several different platforms can be time-consuming, repetitive and prone to inconsistencies or human errors creeping into the data. Condeco has been built in a way that doesn’t add to this risk, as the set-up and management of users in Condeco can be automated through your existing identity provider. This ensures that when it comes to user data, everyone is always on the same page. 

“We have so many systems or workflows already that a new solution needs to be suitable for integration, so that we’re not adding even more complexity.”

Condeco works with your existing systems and workflows, not against them, and you have a choice of how you integrate Condeco into your current infrastructure. We provide a selection of smart out-of-the-box integrations that ease the process of adding Condeco to the business ecosystem, and also provide the capability to customize with APIs. That way, Condeco can function within the business in a way that meets the needs of the workforce perfectly.

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