Tuesday 13th June 2017

In Sweden – the country of high-tech everything – there is a commonly held belief that individuals are open to the adoption of new systems and gadgets used to improve their daily life. This is not always the case, especially when it comes to desk screens.

Check-in, be visible, check out. The principle of using desk screens is simple, the reasons are simple, yet the approach is not always appreciated. Desk screens transform the way you work, combining flexible working policies with smart technology, enabling companies to better manage resources while decreasing everyday friction. Although the methodology varies between solution providers: hardware-based or app-based, the target is always organisations who want to better utilise their existing space.

But, what about the users?

Old School vs New School

The traditional, “old-school” workers use the office to work. They rely on routine, and will often take lunch at their own desks, not only so that they can continue to work, but also because they believe there might be someone watching on. Remember the old “clocking in” system with punch and slip? Old-school workers still believe that work can only take place at a desk, or maybe in a meeting room. It’s always been that way, so why change it now?

Then there’s the new school: people who realise that they don’t have to log hours and days, but rather, fulfil tasks and projects. People like millennials who realise that they’re flexible in terms of their working environment: tasks can be done in several inspirational environments in and around the office/home. Think Activity Based Workplaces (ABW).

It is partly with the help and attitude of the “new schoolers” that the concept of checking-in and checking-out has gained interest. But, how should it be done? Automatically? Voluntarily?…

The Condeco Solution

When in a discussion about the pros and cons of better desk management, understanding the working preferences of individuals throughout the company is important. Although the final decision will most likely come from the individual who signs the cheque, this decision is likely to be influenced by external parties, including consultants, architects, interior designers and AVs.

In the last few years, flexible working policies have become more and more popular, and with a new generation of workers entering the workplace, this trend is set to continue in the future. But, no matter the decision that’s made, it’s impossible to please everyone. Or is it?

Condeco desk screens are a solution that combines the needs of the new-schoolers with the old-schoolers and creates the best of both worlds. While our solution fits into the ABW methodology of working, it is not an ABW solution itself, and we understand that within a traditional company some resources need to be permanent while others do not.

The benefits of a Condeco solution are plenty:

  • Easy to use (swipe with existing card),
  • Very visible marking: this desk is occupied – stay away, and
  • Maybe most importantly, no intrusion on personal integrity.

Making the decision to invest in a desk management solution is often not an easy one, trying to balance a solution that attracts and retains progressive new-school workers while avoiding upsetting old-school workers can be tricky. Choosing a solution that provides all the benefits of a flexible working policy, while maintaining traditional values is imperative.

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