Friday 26th January 2018

The new year brings about a renewed vigour for some in their workplace strategies, and a mind-set of

how can we make this year better than the last?

We are inundated with 2018 strategies, resolutions, tips, tricks and planning ideas.

  • Best workplace strategies 2018
  • Top technology to employ this year
  • 4 tech tips for your office


Sound familiar? While we look to deploy these strategies into our workflow, the conversation then shifts to the question of “what does it take to remain competitive in this fast-paced technology-driven world we live in?”

Age and tech stature

Tech Crunch recently released stats on how old some of the most recognised tech companies will be in 2018.

Added to this list: Microsoft is turning 42, Nintendo, is 128, while Nokia is turning the ripe old age of 152!

There has been discussion on the struggle of the start-up, and how to sustain long-term growth., and one thing we can do in 2018 is take tips from these big players, players that have been in the industry for years, dominating the arena and still thriving and expanding operations.

For starters, let’s keep up with trends, and according to Hubspot, 2018 the trends to watch include:

  1. 5G
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Robotics
  4. Voice: The Fourth Sales Channel
  5. Facial Recognition on the Go
  6. Virtual Reality
  7. Smart Cities

Read more at HubSpot here.

From their start-up days, to what these top companies have grown up to become, each year, consistently, they introduce the market to new ideas, fresh channels and advancements in tech. Apple, Google and Facebook are all set to increase their big investments in immersive technology in 2018, with AR set to have a “break-out year in terms of mass adoption via ARKit and ARCore, (giving) our mobile phones real “spatial sense” as true AR systems.” ~ Source

Amazon have transformed book retailing but continued to understand and cement the importance of direct, non-virtual offline consumer engagement – and according to Tech Crunch, “bringing online engagement into the real world (and then back again to create a virtual cycle of brand engagement and consumer monetisation every step of the way).”

So while digital strategy and tech advancements are what keep these stalwarts of the industry relevant, the ethos of the“human factor” remains key. What do your customers want? Listen to what your consumers are after, understand your client’s needs… and always remember to humanise your efforts, while still creating opportunities for digital transformation.

Side note: Condeco turns 13 this year!

Birth dates aside, employing the right talent and remaining acutely aware of operational costs and efficiencies will steer you on the right path in 2018 (and beyond).

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