Wednesday 6th February 2019

On Valentine’s Day, you probably want to spend time with your one true love. Or maybe two true loves – the true loves that might not bring you flowers and chocolates, but that can definitely enhance your working life. No, we’re not talking about your office crush, but technology and innovation.

In the US, research has shown that many workers do not mentally engage with their work until after Valentine’s Day, so perhaps our combined love of technology and innovation can also help us motivate ourselves a little bit more at work? From charming compliments via Amazon’s Alexa, to apps that will help you focus a bit more in the office (leaving more time for romance), here is a roundup of some the workplace technology and innovation we’re most in love with:

Make more time for romance

There are literally hundreds of apps out there, available for every device possible, that can help us improve our productivity and focus. Not unlike choosing a potential romantic partner on an online dating site, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for – swap your list of required qualities for a list of goals and outcomes.

If you struggle with procrastinating by surfing the web, then an app that blocks certain websites could be particularly helpful. If you’re somebody who is slow at reaching their goals, then perhaps a timed app that encourages you to work in small, ultra-focused bursts, is the one for you.

Hopefully, if you can find the right tech to help make your productivity levels soar, then you’ll have plenty of more time to apply to your love life. What’s even better is that you quite possibly make your boss fall in love with you (based on productivity levels and hard work alone, of course!) You might also like to read “Nine apps to enhance workplace productivity“.

Flirt with your virtual assistant

From Google Assistant, to Siri, to Alexa, many of us are now using voice-activated speakers as virtual assistants in the workplace. While obviously, a virtual assistant can help make your day a little easier, shaving off time usually spent dealing with the daily fuss and necessities of life, your virtual assistant can also bring a little bit of fun into the fold – and what better time to do it than on Valentine’s Day?

Try asking Alexa to launch ‘Romantic Moods’, a skill that plays relaxing music, specifically chosen for its intimate feel. Perfect if you’re trying to gently impress a colleague (off the clock, and in a manner appropriate for the workplace, of course!).

You can also ask Alexa to open ‘Daily Kindness’, a skill that will suggest different random acts of kindness for you to undertake and improve someone else’s day. Why not ask for some ideas of ways that you can make fellow staff members feel a little bit brighter? Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, after all – we all appreciate a little kindness in our lives, especially when we’re stuck at work!

Bring people together with virtual reality

The magic of virtual reality in the workplace is its ability to bring people together in a way that other technology cannot. As Forbes notes,

We are social creatures, and are not supposed to live in isolation, so the abilities of VR to make us feel the presence of our colleagues, even when they’re hundreds of miles away, is particularly welcome in the increasingly-segregated digital age.

Being able to hold meetings that defy the concept of distance can only be a good thing for our working relationships, and perhaps it will even have a positive effect on our personal relationships – if we’re that little bit happier and less stressed at work, maybe we’ll be a bit more pleasant to be around in the evenings?

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