Friday 16th September 2022
Why Condeco and Proxyclick work better together | Condeco

As the role of the office continues to evolve, businesses are understandably looking to technology to help them continue to operate smoothly. In particular, they’re exploring ways to manage the ever-changing make-up of people within the office, whether that’s employees working flexibly and blending home and office work, or visitors like clients, customers, and suppliers coming in for meetings.

The ideal solution to this challenge is the product of joint innovation between Condeco and Proxyclick. Condeco’s workspace management platform is integrated with Proxyclick’s unique approach to visitor management, making it easier than ever for businesses to simplify and improve the experience of coming into the office for every single person within their buildings.

Why are workspace scheduling and visitor management so important?

Happier employees are more productive | Condeco

At a time when flexible working is on the rise, giving employees maximum choice around where and when they work is vital for a number of reasons. Research has found that happier employees are 13% more productive; half of employees say they will look for another role if they aren’t allowed to work flexibly; and providing flexible work can reduce office costs per employee by 25%.

But as well as giving employees a flexible, enjoyable experience in the office, it’s just as important to ensure visitors feel similarly positive about your office environment. For them, that means easy and quick check-in when they arrive, understanding who they’re meeting where and when, and reassurance that they’re visiting a safe and healthy environment.

How does the visitor management solution work?

By integrating Proxyclick’s visitor management system into Condeco’s workspace scheduling software, users get the best of both worlds.

The solution delivers a superior office experience for everyone, with a combined suite of tools that help you seamlessly manage your hybrid workplace, including:

Why Condeco and Proxyclick work better together | Condeco

  • Personal space management: enable employees to arrange every element of their day in the office before they even leave home
  • Meeting space management: connect people to every type of collaboration space in moments, including guests from outside your organization, so everyone can create and innovate together
  • Visitor management: welcome visitors into the workplace with touch-free check-in, simple visitor registration, and wayfinding that directs them to where they need to be

 As well as easing the experience for guests and employees, the solution is underpinned by further innovations that benefit the wider business

  • Intelligent analytics: get valuable insights on how workspaces are being used, so that you can reshape and optimize your office
  • Advanced security: keep valuable employee and visitor information safe through fully accredited security functionality
  • Integrations: use smart out-of-the-box integrations to add Condeco to your ecosystem, or customize with APIs
  • Hardware options: connect the solution to meeting room screens, desk screens and kiosks to easily display booking and visitor information around the building

What can you gain from the solution?

What can you gain from the solution | Condeco

With the solution fully up and running, offices can operate smoothly every day, no matter how many employees and visitors are coming and going. Ultimately, our visitor management solution harnesses the power of both Condeco and Proxyclick to deliver:

  • Certainty: employees can feel more in control over how they work; businesses can manage and reshape their space and resources with confidence that they’re doing the right thing; and guests can be sure that they’ll get a simplified, stress-free experience
  • Collaboration: allow employees to coordinate schedules and meetings with visitors; make days in the office more productive for all; and create a workspace that encourages interaction between every person in the building 
  • Capacity: save on operational costs by cutting back on office space no longer required; adapt your office to changing business, employee and visitor needs; and create a safe and secure workplace for all

Research report: Attitudes to Hybrid Working.

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