Saturday 23rd December 2017

The festive season, while a fun and uplifting break for many, can easily bring about a lull in the workplace. Tired employees suffering from a lack of focus and productivity is not an unusual occurrence.

How can this most effectively be avoided? Below are three strategies for keeping employees happier in the workplace, and avoiding holiday season suffering:

1. Boost morale

There are many different ways to boost morale within the workplace, particularly during the festive season. Think about what employees would most benefit from, and also consider what would be easiest to implement. Flexible working opportunities can make life over the festive period a bit easier, or maybe even allowing extra time off (such as allowing employees to leave earlier on significant days), can be an effective option.

2. Reward

Businesses typically reward employees around the holiday time anyway, traditionally with financial bonuses or presents. However, thinking outside of the box can be useful when it comes to rewarding staff, particularly as a strategy to boost workplace mood. It should be noted that rewards do not have to cost a lot of money – just as with any form of gift-giving, a well-thought out reward is usually far more effective than just throwing money at the situation.

3. Be realistic

Finally, the most important strategy to survive the festive period lull in the office is to reframe your expectations for employees. This is an exciting but tiring time, full of distractions and other responsibilities outside of work. Being realistic about what employees can achieve is probably the easiest way of avoiding loss of productivity – with reduced working hours, it is likely unreasonable to expect normal levels of productivity to continue throughout late December. Giving people the room to take their foot off the pedal a bit will serve you well.

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