Friday 6th October 2017

Employee benefits enhance your business offering, enabling you to attract and retain employees, improve staff well-being and enhance internal engagement.

Technology giants such as Google, Salesforce, Amazon and Facebook have been changing the landscape of traditional offices for quite some time now. They have created a buzz not only around their products, but also their working environment. With a solid reputation of providing alternative working environments, by offering employees additional benefits such as massage rooms, nap pods, pet friendly environments and free vending machines to support an agile culture and work satisfaction.

For some businesses, this environment may not be practical or in line with their business ethos but there are multiple choices of additional benefits that you can offer your employees to enhance your workplace with minimum disruption.

1. “There is such a thing as a free lunch”

Working through lunch hours has become a hot topic of debate between those who feel that extra time improves their overall output, while others argue that the time spent away from your desk improves performance and wellbeing.

Either way, implementing things like “Free Lunch Friday” or a “Thirsty Thursday” social gathering encourages employees to get together in their breakout space to engage and collaborate whilst enjoying their lunch or a coffee.

2. Workshops and continuous training

Sharing industry insights and learnings with fellow colleagues is a big morale booster. Training programmes, workshops and information sharing sessions can be set up by internal teams – knowledge on key subjects which benefit both the teams and the business are always taken positively.

3. Internal and external networking

Networking is critical in today’s fast-paced environment, and enables you the opportunity to meet key influencers and leaders within your industry. Actively encourage your teams to attend related industry events to strengthen their knowledge base and connections.

More emphasis could be placed on a Friday for instance, to encourage collaboration and offer employee’s the opportunity to socialise, and network across the business over drink’s in breakout spaces. This enables the establishment of strong relationship across all departments and enhanced the team dynamic’s.

4. Agile working spaces

When an office space is strategically designed to support flexible workforce, utilising workspace technology, meeting and collaborating are much simpler undertaking.

To support collaboration, incorporate a variety of spaces and meeting rooms to meet the needs of diverse teams including:

  • Breakout space
  • Pod’s
  • Managed and self-serviced spaces

Providing a range of different workspaces and the right technology will suit everyone’s working style.

Empowering mobile teams with technologies that enables them to easily and effectively work off-site when required is also a must.

5. Sharing technology and innovation

At Condeco, we know that people are central to a company’s success, obtaining feedback and insight ensures that you remain an industry leader. A key part of training is sharing up-to-date information on product or solution roadmaps and corporate vision for the future should be shared. Ways in which to do this include:

  • Quarterly global CEO updates
  • Product lunch and learns
  • monthly internal regional newsletters
  • New software testing day’s

These simple and easy five employee benefits will help to achieve employee wellness and satisfaction within the workplace.

*This article was written by Claire Roper, UK Digital Communications Manager at Condeco.

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