21st June | 11:00am

The ways in which we work continues to evolve seemingly every day. But do you know what the data is on hybrid work?

What do employees want from their working lives in the long term – and what do employers need to do to respond?

Dive into the results of a month’s long research report that helps to make sense of today’s world of work. Download the report.

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In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why 85% of people who are now hybrid working want to continue with this model in future
  • How only 12% believe that the hybrid model has persuaded their company leaders to invest in greater technology to satisfy these new behaviours
  • How 78% of managers now trust employees to work digitally… and productivity is just as good when working remotely

We would very much like you to participate in the conversation with us and your peers, so please send us your questions thoughts, or comments, and we will address as many as possible during the webinar.

Join in the discussion, plus view other connected workplace webinars where we look at how Condeco is redefining the future at work, the benefits of a visitor management system, the changing expectations of employees, how capacity management has changed in 2022 and case studies that redefined visitor access.

Presented by:

Kurt Stuhllemmer

Kurt Stuhllemmer

Hall and Partners

Adrian Cohn

Adrian Cohn

VP of Demand Gen Marketing

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