Understanding how the workplace has evolved will help you and your employees make the most of your hybrid workplace experience, by giving you the certainty you need, the collaboration you crave, and capacity insights to manage any office with confidence.

We built this webinar series to help answer the questions you have on the rapidly changing workplace, how employees’ attitudes have been affected and how technology can bring everyone back together successfully.

Feel free to send us any questions you have for the panel discussions.

Condeco’s workspace scheduling software with integrated visitor management is designed to equip employees and their guests with the right tools to help them best manage their flexible workday when visiting the office.

Our end-to-end digitally connected workplace experience easily brings everyone together. It’s designed to deliver a safe, compliant, and healthy environment for your visitors and employees whilst also reducing operational costs.

Core themes within these conversations you’ll be able to explore:

  • Future changes to the connected workplace
  • Changing stakeholder attitudes
  • Data driving the hybrid workplace
  • Employee experience priorities and expectations
  • What customers are saying about the technology
  • Impact of capacity management on the balance sheet

Join the conversation

Join in the live discussions, watch the recordings on-demand, and hear directly from global industry experts in the latest webinars:

Webinar 1

Looking back, looking forward. A mid-year review with Paul Statham​

June 7th, 11am (EST) / 5pm (CET)

Looking back, looking forward. A mid-year review with Paul Statham​

The way we work is rapidly evolving.

So, too, is the workplace.

Join Paul Statham and Adrian Cohn as they look back on the first half of 2022, and offer a perspective on what matters most to the connected workplace.​

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Webinar 2

The Data Behind Hybrid Work

June 21st, 11am (EST) / 5pm (CET)

The Data Behind Hybrid Work​​

The ways in which we work continues to evolve seemingly every day. But do you know what the data is on hybrid work?

What do employees want from their working lives in the long term – and what do employers need to do to respond?

Dive into the results of a month’s long research report that helps to make sense of today’s world of work.​

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Webinar 3

Visitor Management and the Connected Workplace

June 28th, 11am (EST) / 5pm (CET)

Visitor Management and the Connected Workplace

Gone are the days of the paper logbook, RFID tap-for-entry badges and temporary name tags

Today’s connected workplace calls for a far more sophisticated visitor management system that seamlessly integrates with your office and elevates the experience of getting into work – for you and your guests.

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Webinar 4

What People Expect in the Office

July 12th, 11am (EST) / 5pm (CET)

What People Expect in the Office

Everyone wants to improve the workplace.

But what is it that people should be looking for, and what’s most important to prioritize?

The connected workplace delivers the certainty you need, collaboration employees crave, and capacity insights that cause ears to perk up in the board room.

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Webinar 5

How Capacity Management has changed in 2022

August 9th, 11am (EST) / 5pm (CET)

How Capacity Management has changed in 2022

Everyone wants to improve the workplace.

CFOs and workplace practitioners have always been keen to manage space utilization.

With our rapidly evolving approaches to flexible work, this is now a priority of the CHRO and CEO’s office. Explore with us the ways capacity management has changed in 2022 – and how the connected workplace arms you with the data you need to always optimize the workplace (and balance sheet!).

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