Isn’t it time you stopped meeting rooms being booked but not used? Our webinar explores the frustrations of no-shows, and how technology can help you solve the problem.

Did you know that 40% of employees lose as much as three weeks of working time each year looking for available meeting spaces? It’s a huge drain on productivity, and a large amount of it is unnecessary. That’s because so many people book meeting rooms and then either fail to show up or cancel the meeting without also canceling the room booking. It’s a major frustration to businesses the world over – but there is a solution.

No-show and tell

This 20-minute webinar with John Hilderbrands, Condeco’s Global Director of Customer Experience, explains why technology can help you end the culture of no-shows in your business. He explores:

  • The frustrations that no-shows cause in the modern office environment
  • The impacts no-shows can have on your wider business
  • The ways in which technological solutions can help

Meeting no-shows

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