There are few things worse in the modern workplace than having your meticulous meeting plans thrown into disarray. Whether it’s somebody else stealing the room from you, invitees turning up late (or not at all) or a previous booking overrunning, it can be an incredibly frustrating experience. And if an external client or supplier is visiting, it can look extremely unprofessional. Condeco meeting room booking screens deliver a sleek, smart solution that complements your business needs perfectly.

A window to a smarter workspace

Condeco screens can be mounted outside meeting rooms, clearly displaying meeting information and future availability, and also providing check-in facilities so that usage of the space can be managed more effectively. Our 10.1-inch screens are finished with an aluminium effect so that they look modern and professional in virtually any office environment.

This two-page datasheet gives you a concise view of our screens’ capabilities. You’ll discover:

    • How they can enable electronic reservation and booking management of meeting spaces in real-time
    • Technological innovations such as status lights with 180-degree visibility, RFID card reading and room usage reporting
    • How integration with our meeting room booking software can give you a comprehensive solution suitable for business-wide use

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