Thursday 28th June 2018

Trends come and go, but one thing is for sure – in the workplace, these trends allow us to make improvements and positive changes. What might seem like a fad probably has a dutiful reason behind it, and the results a trend can yield proves the logic of it popping up in workplaces across the globe, possibly at an alarming rate. In short, businesses are chasing new ways of improving productivity, workplace positivity, and profits, and these are three prominent workplace trends that are helping:

Environmental consciousness

As the world in general becomes more aware of the need for us to protect our environment, so do businesses and organisations. The result is a new kind of consciousness, more connected to saving the environment than ever before. Many businesses are adopting green policies, and of course, the move from paper to digital that continues in many forms, is always helpful. According to The Modern Workplace 2018: People, Places & Technology Report, business leaders are deriving benefits from being more environmentally conscious – costs are being saved, and clients are happy with the choices being made. As we move towards a more digitised workplace, the Internet of Things (IoT) and its use of sensors will ensure that the environment is further protected, enabling us to use less energy overall.

Agile working

The traditional structure and routine of the workplace continues to evolve into something that better suits our modern lives. From hot desking to remote working, business leaders and employees alike see the benefits of agility in the workplace. It’s a trend that is spilling over into workspace design too, as organisations look to capitalise on the benefits of allowing flexibility, and remove cubicles and walls to encourage collaboration between colleagues. As per The Modern Workplace 2018: People, Places & Technology Report, 10 per cent of UK companies currently do not currently offer flexible working – but look for that to change in the near future.

Video Integrated meetings

Video is now a big part of our lives – we’re able to speak to friends and colleagues on the other side of the world at the touch of a button, and more than that, we’re able to share meetings and materials visually in real time. This is an obvious win for any global business: slashing travel budgets and increasing the bond between employees who may never have met each other, but can certainly put a name to a face from their video chats. As video tech continues to advance, this is one trend that will continue to have legs – and may even cause even more of a shift in the workplace in years to come.

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