Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Technology is becoming more cognitive, more reactive and most importantly, more human.

As tech evolves to meet our every need, particularly as a trend in the workplace in 2018, we need it to learn and grow on its own; to work with us to create a more effective outcome.

So, how exactly is technology changing? And how is it helping us in the workplace?

Some specific types of technology have come to help, or even replace, traditional human roles. Virtual assistants, for example, can aid us in our everyday working lives, and are increasingly taking on a more human presence by cracking jokes or reacting in a more colloquial way.

Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of the workplace

Rather than replacing more traditional job roles completely, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is complementing and enhancing them, by taking care of the ‘small stuff’ so that we can get on with the bigger, more complicated tasks. We’re not being replaced by robots – far from it – but the daily admin that is necessary to run a well-functioning workplace is. Smart buildings are the perfect example of this: by learning the preferences of the occupiers, they can cut valuable time and costs when it comes to setting lighting, heating or electricity.

Intuitive technology is key

The ideal workplace technology not only has some human characteristics, or is intuitive, but also grows with needs and opportunities. Ideally, the workplace tech of the future will not only learn from our patterns of behaviour, but will know what we need before we even need it. Predicting what we need, before we need it, could no doubt make for a far more seamless workplace than we could currently even imagine.

Overall, the workplace trends in 2018 and technology of the near future will help remove the complexity of our working lives, allowing us the freedom to create and cultivate.

Isn’t that what we all want?

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