Friday 14th October 2022
Learn more about Condeco's Microsoft Teams Integration | Condeco

Condeco’s integration with Microsoft Teams has been months in the making. But why did we start the project in the first place and what have been the major challenges? We talked to Senior Product Manager, Parul Soni.

What is the app integration and what does it do?

Microsoft Teams integration | Condeco

The app integration provides an easy, seamless experience for users when booking, scheduling and managing their hybrid work week. It aims to make people and businesses more productive and helps foster collaboration.

What are the key benefits of the app integration?

It allows users to simplify the process of scheduling in-office days. They can share their whereabouts with their team and assist in identifying the best days to go into the office, maximizing productivity.

They can book the appropriate meeting space for their team in their Team chat or channel, filtering by workspace type, and capacity. It’s also possible to book a personal workspace for in-office days using the Condeco app and share the location with teammates.

Finally, they can easily manage their team and space in one place, prompting teammates to share their in-office schedules.

Why is it important for customers to have this functionality?

This functionality will enable customers to encourage collaboration within their teams, helping bring the workforce back together through a smart solution.

Many of our customers are facing difficulties in getting their workforce back to the office. The Teams app helps with this by encouraging users to share their office schedule with their team, allowing them to see which days to join to maximize their productivity. It also provides certainty that, when they are in the office, they have the right space to work and collaborate.

Learn more aout Condeco's Microsoft Teams Integration | Condeco

How will it help users in their everyday lives?

It reduces the friction of having to keep sharing when you are coming to the office.

This allows users to make better decisions on when are the best days to come to the office to maximize their work outcomes. It provides certainty that they have the right space to work and collaborate when they actually are in the office

Why is this development important to Condeco?

Condeco and Microsoft partnership | Condeco

This app integration is a valuable addition to the Condeco and Microsoft partnership, making us a market leader in the hybrid workspace domain and strengthening our Microsoft 365 product offering.

Did you work with Microsoft in this project at all?

Yes, through our Gold Partnership and continued collaboration with Microsoft we frequently join with them on Hackathons, exploring new ideas on how Condeco and Microsoft can work smarter together to improve the customer experience. We were also constantly involved with Microsoft engineers and product managers throughout the implementation phase.

What has your journey been like to get the integration working and launched?

Exciting and challenging. We know our customers are eager to start using our new Teams app so we’re working to tight deadlines. We’re excited to be coming to the final stages of development and are keen to see how we can build on this in the future.

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