Friday 8th September 2017

Seventy-five percent or above is the “sweet spot” for office space utilization. But unfortunately, most firms average only 39 percent usage of desks, conference rooms and other meeting and work areas. That can be a very costly difference for most businesses.

How you facilitate better workspace management challenges in your organization is a hot topic, and highlights the innovative workspace software and devices that are currently available for companies.

One such solution, Condeco room booking and desk booking software


“Using room booking and desk booking software is a CFO’s dream. They get factual information on how space is being used.”

~ Colleen Moran, facilities industry expert

Colleen Moran, a facilities industry expert, and Garrett Walsh, Condeco Senior Strategic Account Manager, recently hosted a webinar discussing this very topic and introduced the attendees to innovative software currently offered by Condeco. This software helps employee collaboration and simplifies office real estate decisions.

Through Q&As during the webinar, more detail about the Condeco workspace tools were discussed:

Q: How well do employees like the Condeco workspace management products?

A: Both administrators and end users at one of the world’s largest media companies are happy with the Condeco solution because it puts them in control. They can do everything in one place. For conference rooms, they can arrange catering, register outside guests, request audio visual or video conferencing support and more – all at once. It takes 10 times the amount of an individual’s time to do all the scheduling and coordination of a meeting without scheduling software.

Q: How was training conducted when Condeco was implemented at the media company?

A: First, we set up a beta group comprised of heavy users to try out the system. Then we had three days of live training with Condeco personnel. With the multiple, 90-minute segments, employees could conveniently work a session into their schedule. This also allowed employees who attended the earlier sessions to return to their work areas, tryout the booking software and come back during a later training session to get any of their questions answered. Additionally, we held a two-day event in the cafeteria for employees to do self-serve activation of their ID cards for the RFID readers in the digital screens placed on each conference room. More than 3,000 employees were engaged and excited about the system.

Q: Is the conference room booking software as effective for even smaller locations?

A: Yes, the software is as effective, even in locations with two or three conference rooms. It is especially helpful for those businesses conducting meetings that include locations in different time zones, whether they are across the country or around the world. The issue of “Is the meeting scheduled at the right time at another location?” is removed and done automatically by the software.

Q: How does one book a conference room or desk space with Condeco?

A: Users have four convenient options for seeing what space is available and booking either a meeting room or desk space that’s been included in the Condeco system. They can use:

  1. The Condeco mobile app
  2. Google Android or Apple IOS
  3. A customizable web portal or the digital screen on each room
  4. Microsoft Outlook

Savvy companies know they need to create an environment where employees, especially with the growing number of millennials comprising their workforce,  want to work, versus have to work. That’s why the complete transformation to “the smart office” is here to stay.

How smart is the use of office real estate in your company? Is it keeping you competitive from a collaboration and cost perspective?

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