Monday 27th August 2018

The workplace has changed rapidly throughout its existence, but it cannot be denied that since the boom of modern technology, changes are happening more rapidly than ever.

As business leaders recognise that big changes (and small ones) need to be made to create a happier, more harmonious and hard-working workforce, these are three of the main driving forces behind those changes, and why they can be beneficial for everyone:

ONE: Increased Agility

Agile working is very much here to stay. 59% of organisations now equip the majority of employees with remote working solutions

Employers report improved productivity levels amongst employees when true agility is introduced to the office. Providing workers with varying areas for different activities, such as quiet areas and social areas, can help administer focus.

The Modern Workplace Report 2018 found that the UK and Singapore are the two countries that rate agile working highest in priority for the future – this makes sense, since both places currently conform to more traditional working styles overall.

Workers are expecting flexibility and choice at the workplace

TWO: Environmental Consciousness

The Modern Workplace Report 2018 found that all respondents are concerned about the environment, and consider it important that their working environment is eco-friendly.

With recent technological advancements like the Internet of Things (IoT) and the success of the smart building, it looks likely that environmentally friendly changes to our workspaces are happening swiftly.

The next generation of smart buildings will give real time feedback using smart sensors and indoor positioning. Enabling organisations to understand usage and constantly adapt services and spaces to changing user needs.” Peter Otto, Head of Product, Strategy and Design, Condeco

Of course, while the average business is unlikely to find itself in a smart building in the very near future, everyday office tech is bringing the concept of saving resources to the forefront, without us having to make much effort.

THREE: A Mobile Workforce

As the average employee looks to improve their work/life balance, and the average business leader looks to cut ever-increasing overhead costs, remote working becomes the obvious answer.

When mobile tech is used effectively in the workplace, employees are more creative, satisfied and productive.” – The Digital Workplace Experience Infographic

Despite some people still holding outdated ideas about remote working, and encouraging presenteeism, the Modern Workplace Report 2018 found that just 7% of businesses surveyed offer no type of remote or flexible working whatsoever.

Clearly, this trend is here to stay, and it’s going to continue to shape our workplaces for the better.

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