Thursday 11th May 2017

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has become one of the most widely-used and successful forms of software deployment in the digital age. With the worldwide market for cloud services worth $204bn in 2016 alone, SaaS rules the B2B world.

SaaS for businesses is a popular choice since it is faster to deploy, as opposed to installing traditional software on a server or similar. Given the speed of setting up SaaS, the cost of rollout is also lower. Seamless (and therefore painless) upgrades are another reason behind the popularity, along with guaranteed service levels. Security also may be greatly improved using SaaS services, but this can sometimes still represent major concerns for customers.

How Can You Keep Your Saas Safe?

The easiest way to ensure your cloud-based software is as safe as possible, is to only use SaaS from a provider who is certified according to an Information Security standard. At Condeco we are certified according to the ISO 27001:2013 international standard, which is one of the most popular and prestigious certifications. We also only select partners that hold this certification (or equivalent). This type of certification utilises different security functions to keep data safe. Physical security is an oft-overlooked detail in avoiding attack, and ISO-certified SaaS has this covered; our certified datacentres feature perimeter fencing, 24-hour guard and biometric two-phase entry systems.

Next to physical security, information security is paramount. Information Security Management Systems, or ISMS, are integral to SaaS, with a high standard being expected of any ISO certification. The most robust ISMS ensures data is properly categorised, with stringent access controls. If your data is to be safe, it should only be accessed by authorised personnel, and those actions should be fully recorded and regularly audited. Our ISMS has over 100 controls that strengthen the security of data. These are requirements to achieve an ISO27001 certification, so by choosing an ISO-certified provider, you are automatically choosing an enhanced ISMS.

Another critical aspect of keeping SaaS safe is application security. Ensuring your chosen SaaS has features such as multiple firewall layers, centrally-managed antivirus, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), will go a long way to keeping you secure. When it comes to compliance with ISO27001, SaaS providers must adapt security levels to the type of data the software is being used for – so the more sensitive your data, the more protected it will be.

Here at Condeco, we have acquired a ISO27001:2013 certification for our SaaS services, continuing our journey to provide outstanding information security against the digital threats of the modern age.

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