Tuesday 11th October 2016

Mobility is a big part of doing business today. Industry events take staff to all corners of the globe. Attracting and retaining top talent means re-examining workplace practices and offering more remote work. Customer meetings can also mean top resources are on-the-road for a day or two or more. Flexible schedules result in people working at different times and different places than traditional 9-to-5 days in a company office.

But collaboration can’t stop when employees are away. So being able to have employees conduct business from anywhere, at any time and from any device is more essential than ever. And that’s certainly true when it comes to setting and attending critical video conferences.

Is Jack not going to attend a project planning meeting because he’s in Montreal and can’t access your video conference using his iPad? Is Jada going to delay scheduling a key update session just because she’s at a trade show in London and unable to use your unified communications (UC) scheduling software until she returns to her desk next week? Your business can’t be successful if it is regularly losing valuable input and valuable time.

myVRM: Integrates with Cisco, Skype, Polycom, Pexip, Avaya and More

Successful businesses need a successful solution for keeping collaboration going – and that solution is myVRM from Condeco. myVRM is video conferencing and UC scheduling software that works on any mobile device. Just take a look at its compatibility:

So employees have the mobility to go wherever they need to be without the worry of missing or delaying other important work. And easy access from mobile devices is not the only feature that gives your company and its employees lots of choices.

myVRM from Condeco integrates with the Polycom collaboration suite, Cisco, Avaya, Pexip, Vidyo, ScienceLogic, Bluejeans and Lifesize. myVRM can also help leverage the gap between legacy UC infrastructure and next generation investments in Skype™ for Business.

myVRM from Condeco enables a consistent experience transparent of the underlying technology while ensuring successful auto launching of the technology.

But the benefits of myVRM for your business do not stop there. Here are a few more key advantages of this innovative software:

  • Ensuring that attendees are available and have everything they need for a meeting
  • Manually accounting for time zone conversions when managing and scheduling a conference across a national or global enterprise
  • Allocating costs to the right department or functional area
  • Creating and distributing timely and accurate reports.

Collaboration is critical for companies. Mobility for staff is mandatory. It’s good to know that today technology allows businesses to have both without missing a beat. By making an investment in myVRM from Condeco for video conferencing and UC communications, businesses can be ready to keep working productively – worldwide.

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