Tuesday 11th June 2019

Singapore is forging ahead with innovation and digital technologies; becoming (if not already) world leaders in the usage of technologies like mobile apps.

Research shows the average monthly time Singaporeans spend using mobile apps is 3.2 days per month, which has grown 10 percent from 20171. On average, each Singaporean has 115 apps installed on their mobile device. Compare this to the average smartphone user, who has 60-90 apps installed2 on their phone, and Singapore is most definitely leading the way with app usage.

Among the 115 apps, users in Singapore also have a high usage of social networking apps: WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular, and data shows 4 million Singaporeans say WhatsApp is their most used app3. Which is impressive considering the population of Singapore is 5.75 million.

Singaporeans use apps for almost every aspect of their lives, from communicating to banking and insurance, shopping, transport and even dating. The mobile app space is one to watch in Singapore, as local broadcasters and content producers will need to engage consumers with their content via mobile or risk missing out entirely.” ~ Jaede Tan, Regional Director, App Annie4

Apps in the workplace

Apps have been making their way into the workplace for some time, and it’s not unusual to find workplace apps available for use among the world’s biggest technology companies. Amazingly though, 95 percent of employees in Singapore5 admit to using unapproved apps at work to assist them during the day.

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Back in 2016, Facebook signed up Singapore’s entire civil service to access Workplace by Facebook. By 2017, all 143,000 Singapore public servants where expected to be using the platform, allowing workers to access the platform via their mobile devices without the need of an Intranet6.

82% of civil servants who activated their accounts are active weekly users. The number of emails has gone down—replaced by Workplace posts—and there is an “explosion of activity” as workers collaborate more actively than before. Wouldn’t it be amazing, if 143,000 people can form sub-groups, to share ideas, collaborate, and find out about one another?” ~ Peter Ong, Head of Singapore’s Civil Service7

Meeting space management

Research coming out of the newly released 2019/20 Modern Workplace Report has also flagged the rapid increase of mobile app usage in Singapore, with there being a 17 percent increase in Singaporean workspaces using mobile apps to book and management meeting spaces between 2018 to 2019. The next country in line for top spot was France with an increase of 7 percent and the UK with an increase of 2 percent, all other countries stayed.

For more workplace statistics, read the full report here.

These results above are all good news for Singaporean business leaders, as research from Apperian shows 23 percent of employees say mobile apps increase productivity.

By the end of the year it will be common place to have your Workplace App that will provide enriching content and service provision. It will be the Apps that focus on experience and value that will survive, whilst many will fall by the wayside. The smart companies will be those that learn from the apps and supporting data to continually enhance the experience.” Neil McKlockin, Partner, Frank Knight8

The future of the Singapore workplace

It’s clear Singapore is a nation which invests heavily in technology and innovation and is not afraid of trying new ways to enhance the employee experience. We for one, will be watching the use of mobile apps in the workplace and the continued growth of this technology.


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