Thursday 15th October 2020
Condeco Software | How to roll out Microsoft Teams with Condeco Workplace Scheuling Technology

If you’re like me, you’re now pushing seven months of working in a mostly work-from-home (WFH), virtual environment.

When COVID-19 first hit in Virginia in the USA, where I’m based, the stay at home order lasted about six weeks and changed the entire way I do business.

Pre-COVID, I travelled nearly a third of the year for business. Currently, I am not doing on-site visits with any customers and most of my demos and conversations are via video or over the phone. And I know many others are experiencing the same changes in their work life. The shift to working remotely has certainly taken some time to fine tune.

Finding tools and software that improve my productivity and streamline the administrative work during my day are important.

One of the workplace integration tools in the Condeco scheduling technology suite has been a game changer for me when I book a Microsoft Teams meeting.

The future of Condeco and Teams

Condeco has rebuilt its meeting room booking software to develop a seamless meeting room/reservation integration with the Microsoft 365 product Teams.  And, with increased WFH situations, we all have the potential to benefit.

It’s as simple as going into my calendar and using the 1-click functionality to book a conference and the MS Teams meeting all at the same time.

Now that there are less in person meetings and hallway conversations, people are bogged down and often overwhelmed with email. The 1-click and seamless booking allow the host and the attendee to create and store the necessary details in their Outlook calendar.  You book the time, choose the conference room space and everything else is automated. It helps reduce the clutter.

One of the biggest benefits of the Condeco software integration is that the user analytics are tracked on the system. With more virtual meetings and WFH situations, management can see where physical space use has decreased.

Many of our customers are using this data to track for future real estate decisions.

Additionally, companies may see an increase in usage for the larger conference room and meeting spaces because of COVID/social distancing requirements. Smaller conference rooms may need to be eliminated or repurposed based on new office COVID protocols.

Many of our customers are already using the meeting room booking software and just need to be updated with the MS integration software. New customers are in seriously considering this as an efficiency and space management tool.

How are you making your virtual workplace more efficient and effective?

I’d love to connect and hear your tips and share ideas!

*Thank you to Shane Dowler, Senior Sales Enterprise Manager, Condeco for writing this article.

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