Monday 26th March 2018

Our lives are so diverse…

We are pulled in different directions every single day, both in our personal and working lives. Working hours are longer, and the pressure is on, as the idea of achieving a perfect work/life balance seems but a dream.

We can’t go on like this

Research has shown that negative thoughts impact productivity by restricting thinking ability, and openness to creativity and new ideas. Experts are continually looking for ways to solve this problem – and according to WORKTECH, a popular workspace trend 2018 is seeing might just be the answer.

Enter the hybrid space

Hybrid spaces are expected to be incredibly popular in the coming months and years. They represent a new way of thinking about our lives – blurring the lines between work and socialising, ensuring that workspace is used in a way that boosts the happiness and productivity of the workforce, creating a positive environment for everyone.

By combining both employee and business needs, the hybrid space provides everything an employee may need on a day-to-day basis. Of course, this may vary wildly between different organisations, but generally, the baseline of a hybrid space is an area that provides both formal and informal workspaces with social areas, hospitality areas and more, dependent upon the needs of employees.

A general rule of thumb is the larger the workspace, the more areas and services provided.

By creating spaces such as coffee shops, lounge areas or even bars and restaurants, employees are not only given capacity to relax and socialise, but also to create stronger bonds with each other; with clients; and with key stakeholders. By introducing useful services to the hybrid space, such as bank areas or access to medical professionals, employees are given the chance to quickly and efficiently take care of issues outside of their work responsibilities, therefore allowing maximum time spent on work tasks. Moreover,

showing employees this kind of support and trust by providing these areas can only be a positive thing.

While hybrid spaces are already here in some organisations, for now, they are mostly on the horizon – most workspaces cannot be transformed that quickly! As we see small changes move the average workspace towards being a hybrid space, expect increased levels of productivity and employee satisfaction.

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