Friday 15th February 2019

Flexible working is just as complex as we are; just like individuals, the approach to flexibility in the workplace differs from one colleague to the next. Working in a global business, we need to manage our time effectively, and this style of working strongly assists our productivity and innovation levels.

Across the globe, from business to business and role to role, flexible working is on the rise, and is now playing a big part in talent attraction and retention. There are many different experiences of flexible working, even amongst our very own team. Here, we share five different stories from our diverse workforce on how they productively use flexible working to their benefit, creating a productive and collaborative environment, across departments, offices and the globe:

Lisa Nolan, Global Events Director

Managing a global team comes with its own set of challenges – time zones being the most obvious, then there is understanding different markets, cultural differences and of course international travel. Being able to utilise flexible working allows me to manage my global team, at all hours. There can’t be any barriers with a global team, and the option of flexible working allows those constraints to be removed; that could be as simple as working from my home, or on the Eurostar to the Paris office or collaborating at the latest event.

Sometimes it’s Skype calls with Singapore in my kitchen, text messages with New York on the evening commute or a FaceTime chat with Australia in the cafe. Flexible working allows my team to communicate, collaborate and innovative on a global scale. Not everyone will be able to effectively manage flexible working; sometimes because of the job you have, availability or perhaps as an individual it’s just not appealing to you, and that’s ok. Flexible working is about the individual, and what works for you.

Matthew Smith, PMO Analyst

My job is mainly office based, but I do have the option of flexible working as I attend networking events on a regular basis. Being able to manage my time effectively works for me.

I’m able to attend a variety of networking events, from business breakfasts, all day summits and evening panel events, and can meet with and discuss industry topics with experts, influencers, suppliers and clients. Having the freedom and flexibility within my job role means I don’t miss out on innovative and informative industry events, and the opportunity to represent the business, all whilst still being able to do my job effectively.

Remonique Williams, Key Account Manager

My time is a 50/50 split between our London flagship office and being on client site. Having the opportunity to work flexibly means I’m able to manage my busy diary, with a combination of weekly skype calls, on-site client meetings and phone calls.

With the flexible options within our own working space here at Condeco, I can also utilise all the meeting spaces we have available, from the breakout spaces, booths, desk sharing and meeting rooms. Then of course there is mobile technology, which gives me the option to speak to colleagues and clients while on the go. Flexible working is the perfect solution for my busy customer-facing role.

Samuel James, Inside Sales Representative

Because of the nature of my role, I am generally office based, but within the workplace I have flexibility to work where and when I need. I spend 70% of my time on the phone speaking with clients and discussing workplace solutions, but because of the advanced workplace technology and design and layout within our workspace, I’m not necessarily tied to one desk.

Being able to have the freedom within the office, collaborate and meet with my colleagues takes my workplace experience to the next level of engagement. Flexible working in the traditional sense of being off-site doesn’t work for my role, but being able to manage my own flexible working within the office does.

Claire Roper, Global Content Manager

As a full-time working mother of three boys, (under 8) I can effectively manage my time through flexible working, which at its most basic function gives me the freedom to work from home a few times a week. Not only does this give me the option to attend the occasional personal appointment, it also means I get to do the school run and not miss those precious moments with my children.

At a more dynamic level, I’m able to easily attend networking events, visit clients and suppliers and collaborate on digital content ideas, forming relationships with industry influencers. Flexible working requires a certain level of self-management and discipline – it isn’t an option for everybody, whether if that’s through personal choice or job constraints. However, I’m a firm believer that if you reach your targets and complete your objectives, then the location in which you achieved them shouldn’t matter.

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