Tuesday 28th April 2015

Today’s progressive companies are moving from real estate being a cost center to an asset that propels employee productivity upward. Real estate is now seen as a key ingredient to the way we work and collaborate.

In order to design and build new workspace companies need to measure their actual space utilization. As companies embark on office relocations, build out of new facilities or redesign current space, they must understand how their employees are accessing the current space today.  Only then can real estate executives make strategic decisions about their portfolios.

A key aspect of determining utilization is how long someone occupies a workspace, conference room or touch down space. Average desk utilization in North America last year was 35% – that’s less than 3 hours/day. But every office is unique and requires a workspace strategy designed for its specific needs. Just take a look at the utilization rates in our India Office:


As an executive, you must have this data before investing millions of dollars into the new office kit they will build out to drive employee collaboration, creativity and productivity.

Guide: The post-COVID workplace.

Post-COVID workplace Guide

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  • Four-step process that creates a safe place to work
  • Tech to simplify every element of the process
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