Tuesday 7th November 2017

Creating a working environment that balances productivity with positivity is no easy feat, and with the stresses and demands of the modern-day lifestyle for the average employee, it is becoming tougher than ever.

Having a strong ‘wellness in the workplace’ strategy can ensure that your employees are happy and view their work as a positive, helping productivity within your business. Here are four tips for business leaders to help employees’ lifestyle management and improve wellness in the workplace:

1. Encourage a better work/life balance

There are a wide range of approaches to take when it comes to encourage a healthy work/life balance in your workplace. Many businesses decide to tackle the issue by setting up flexible working schemes, or allowing employees to work from home. Others may employ a ‘down tools’ deadline, although obviously this can be difficult to manage at times. Whatever works for your business, whether a big or small change, is only going to be a positive. Put yourself in your employees’ shoes – what would help them create the perfect work/life balance?

2. Set guidelines and lead by example

This is simple but effective. Many workplaces still suffer from the ingrained, yet outdated idea that one must be at their desk as much as possible to be as productive as possible. Consider creating guidelines for employees about how much time at their desk is healthy – and let them know that you don’t necessarily believe those who sit there the longest, work the hardest. Talk to your employees about productivity, and how a change of scenery or physical boost can help. According to the Harvard Business Review an example of this could be as simple as a 10-minute walk outside. Finally, ensure you lead by example, allowing employees to feel comfortable in negating the culture of being chained to your desk.

3. Make room for physical activity

The aforementioned 10-minute walk is not always enough, particularly as “34% of employees say they have no time to exercise,” as stated by Career Builder. From standing desks to free weekly yoga classes, many businesses are embracing and encouraging physical activity as a way to promote wellness. There are so many different options here, for every budget – even getting employees together on an informal basis for a regular walk, or starting a daily stretching session before everyone sits down to work in the morning. Think about what will work best for your employees, and look for ways to make it appealing – nobody wants a repeat of forced cross country at school!

4. Provide healthy alternatives

If your employees are constantly reaching for the biscuit tin, think about bringing in bowls of fruit instead. Providing healthy snacks can be a simple way of helping your employees make better choices when at work.

A few enhancements, changes and improvements to the management of your workplace could make all the difference in finding that balance between productivity and positivity.

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