On 16th April, Condeco held its first India Roadshow in Gurgaon which proved to be a very successful day.

The day began with a discussion based around workspace management solutions and the evolution of the office as we know it. This led into a brainstorming session where participants shared their innovative ideas about what should or could be in the office in year 2050. This included the consideration of future meeting rooms, workstations and occupancy measuring, which really got the imaginations going. The interactive session was well appreciated and resulted in two main recurring themes of “Technology with Trust” and “Flexible modularity.”

Next on the agenda was an overview of Condeco’s Total Workspace Solutions followed by a detailed demonstration of Condeco Sense, Condeco Meeting Room Booking Software and Condeco Desk Booking Software, including a booking made through the iPhone application. And, a full demonstration of the meeting room and desk screens.

The workshops started at 3pm and went on to 6pm, followed by a chance to network with like-minded people afterwards. Our guests were full of interesting questions, which I’m sure could have easily filled up the entire afternoon.

Condeco are looking forward to the next stop on their India Roadshow and hope to create a similar, inspiring atmosphere to the Gurgaon event.

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