For employees to perform at their best, they need to feel fully engaged with their jobs. And to establish this engagement, they need a working environment that suits their ways of working, including how they’re treated by their colleagues and management. With remote working on the rise, this makes it critical that workers feel trusted to do their jobs the way they want to.

Remote control

Setting up a remote working system is more practical and realistic for businesses now than ever before, thanks to technology. As people can stay connected with their business whenever and wherever, they can work in places that are more attractive to them. But what success looks like from a remote working perspective will differ from business to business.This whitepaper sets out a ten-step process to help corporate real estate and facilities managers enable effective remote working. You’ll discover:

  • The business impact of remote working, including employee engagement levels
  • How increasing remote work can allow you to reduce your office space requirements
  • How the savings you can realise can be re-invested into your workforce

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