Larger business premises often have several meeting areas spread across floors and departments. And you can be sure that if your staff find it difficult to navigate their way around the building, it’ll be ten times worse for visitors like clients and suppliers. To give them all the vital information they need to get to the right meeting rooms on time, Condeco Wayfinder makes it clear who is meeting who, where and when.

The new way of Wayfinder

Condeco Wayfinder is display software that gives everyone within your building a comprehensive view of meeting room location, availability and status. Users can easily glance at the software displayed on your screens and see what meetings are coming up, who the hosts are, which meeting rooms are being used and how to get there.

This two-page datasheet sets out how Condeco Wayfinder can be easily applied within your workplace environment, including:

  • How the display can be customised with direction and availability information that suits your business and premises
  • How the intuitive user interface can aid visitors and help you deliver a seamless, friendly brand experience
  • How Wayfinder can be used on existing web-enabled display hardware or on new kit that matches your interior design

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