As the modern business world becomes more flexible than ever before, the demands put upon our on-premise workspaces are changing. Traditional desks may be used less frequently, while more communal spaces like hot-desks, breakout zones and meeting rooms may be in more demand. This could mean your environment is no longer the most efficient use of space it could be – but how do you measure that? With the Condeco Space workplace occupancy sensor.

Get a Sense of what’s going on

Condeco Sense is a discreet, low-energy sensor that can collect and distribute real-time data on the occupancy of any type of office space. Combined with intuitive and intelligent data analysis, Sense can give you an unrivalled, constantly updated picture of usage and occupancy throughout your premises.

This two-page datasheet gives you an easily digestible view of how Condeco Sense can have a real positive effect on your business, including:

  • Giving you the data to make short- and long-term decisions about workspace allocation
  • How its independent wireless self-healing network has no impact on your other online operations
  • How you can instantly access a continuous flow of usage data from any WiFi-enabled device

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