With more agile and flexible staff in modern workforces, it’s critical that they’re able to make decisions quickly and operate efficiently, all the time and in every type of environment. All the benefits of that flexibility are wasted if, for example, an employee out in the field sets up a business meeting with a potential client but has to call the office to book a meeting room. With the Condeco Meeting Room Booking App, they can instantly make bookings themselves and maximise their flexibility.

An application without complication

The Condeco Meeting Room Booking App, compatible with both Android and iOS phones, connects to your Condeco software with full booking functionality. Users can easily search for a meeting space by room or by time, explore longer-term availability and update attendees of changes. It’s all in an app that’s simple to install and automatically updates with the latest information.

This two-page datasheet details just how easy it can be for your workers to use the app, including:

  • The ability to start, stop or extend meeting room bookings with a single tap
  • Integration with wayfinding systems that ensures everyone gets to the right meeting room on time
  • Automated suggestions of alternative meeting rooms if your preferred option isn’t available

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