Video collaboration tools like Skype for Business have become an essential part of our modern working lives. Ensuring that virtual meetings can be properly connected to physical ones is therefore very important, but with so many software and hardware factors at play, it can often be difficult to achieve. That connection is made easy by the Skype of Business integration capabilties of Condeco’s meeting room booking software.

Virtual and physical in perfect harmony

Our Skype for Business integration means you can ensure that the video elements of your meetings are always developed smoothly and efficiently. As part of the Condeco software you use for every other part of your meeting arrangements, you can worry less about setting up your Skype call and focus more on the productive discussions that matter to your business.

This handy one-page datasheet sets out the simplicity with which Skype for Business can be integrated, including:

  • How it can join visitors, hospitality and resources in being organised for meetings in a single, fluid process
  • How automatic meeting invitations ensure all attendees connecting by Skype have the relevant call details
  • How our integrated software also accounts for Skype-equipped room availability and international time zones when booking

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