Flexible workspaces are only truly a success with clear, fair, effective management processes put in place. Employees need to feel that they can get access to the spaces they need, when they need them, while you as an employer want to make sure your premises are utilised as efficiently as possible. All this can be handled through a single cloud-based platform: Condeco desk booking software.

Flexible working that works for everyone

Our user-friendly software gives you a workspace that works harder, while giving more choice to your employees around where and how they work. The software gives them – and you – total visibility of your building, who has reserved what and when, and easily create, amend or delete bookings in moments.

This two-page datasheet explains how desk booking software can maximise every element of your flexible workspace, including:

  • How bookings that aren’t fulfilled get bumped in order to free up workspace for others to use
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting that can help you get a better understanding of your working environment
  • How you can set up different reservation rules and attributes for different types of workspaces

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