Data is the key to gaining a true understanding of almost every element of your business. Meeting room usage is no exception to this, and in a modern world where physical and virtual collaboration has never been more important, gaining insights into how your meeting rooms are used can be immensely valuable. Condeco Meeting Room Booking Analytics is your solution to unlocking those insights.

The shape of your meetings

Condeco Meeting Room Booking Analytics software works in conjunction with compatible report products like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau. It goes into minute detail about every element of your historical meeting room usage, spots relevant patterns, and delivers interactive dashboards for displaying the data which can be customised to your needs.

This two-page datasheet sums up the possibilities available to you by harnessing the power of Condeco data analytics, including:

  • More than 20 meeting data parameters that can be investigated
  • The ability to import large volumes of data from multiple sources for integrated analysis
  • Flexible privacy controls to manage access and maintain data security compliance

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