All over the world, people are now much more vigilant and sensitive about how and where information about them is collected. This applies in the business world just as much as it does in people’s personal lives. So when businesses like yours invest in new technologies that collect and analyse data on employees, it’s critical to be honest and transparent with your workforce to maintain their trust.

Making Condeco Sense make sense for all

Condeco Sense is a cloud-based workplace occupancy solution that helps you gain insights into your working environment. It consists of sensors and software that gather information on who is where and when, so that you can make informed decisions about your future workplace management. It can be a very powerful tool for your business, but needs the co-operation of your staff.

If you’re planning a Sense study or full implementation, this eBook is a handy resource that can help you communicate the project to your workforce with clarity, including:

  • How you can address concerns relating to data and HR issues
  • Templates for internal emails that you can send to keep staff updated
  • A glossary of answers to commonly-asked employee questions

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