As technology has become more intelligent, it’s become able to play a bigger and more helpful role in our lives. Voice assistants, powered by artificial intelligence, are now a common feature in our homes. As yet, the capabilities of voice-activated technology to support businesses haven’t been fully explored, but its widespread introduction is inevitable. But how ready is the business world for voice assistants?

Our newest colleagues?

As with any emerging technologies, it’s important for businesses to work out the most useful ways to apply them. Integrating voice assistants, therefore, won’t be as simple as just putting Siri or Alexa on each employee’s desk. The possibilities of the technology are so vast that it can’t be passed off as a token gesture or a flavour-of-the-month fad.

This eBook takes a detailed look at how practical voice assistants are for business, including:

  • The history and growth of artificial intelligence and voice recognition
  • The ethical issues around making voice assistants appropriate for modern business and society
  • The ways in which voice assistants are being used, and best practice around implementation

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