Every single element of our working lives has been transformed in recent years by technology. And with those changes have come changes in expectations, not only from customers and suppliers, but from employees, too. All this is creating new opportunities and tricky challenges in every department of your business, including in Facilities Management (FM).

The power of data to transform your workspace

Data is key to understanding how effectively your premises are working. This ranges from the utilisation of your desks and meeting rooms, to how satisfied your employees are with their working environments and how easy they find it to collaborate with each other. But what works for your business and workforce today may not be suitable for the demands of tomorrow.

This eBook explores digitalisation from a Facilities Management perspective, with views and insights from thought leaders. You’ll read about:

  • Why office utilisation data is critically important
  • How this data can be connected with more information to generate insightful forecasts
  • The cultural changes that are shaping the road ahead

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