Thursday 6th December 2018

In an ever-evolving, competitive working landscape, how does one manage to keep on top of all the latest technology trends? Even if workplace tech is ‘your thing’, it’s arguable that with so many different factions of technology, it’s increasingly difficult to remain up-to-date with the latest developments, releases and inventions.

Want to get better at keeping up with technology in 2019? Read on…

Think beyond the physical

Many of us still have a tendency to hear the word “technology” and think about physical pieces of machinery. Call it a throwback to the industrial ages! We also tend to think of popular, ubiquitous tech, like a smartphone or a laptop. Remember to engage with the bigger picture, particularly technology that will enhance your working life.

Consider a multi-strategy approach

If you want to stay abreast of the latest tech news and updates, you need to cast a wide net. Sign up for mailing lists about your favourite or most-used software, consider using apps that allow you to have a customised newsfeed, make connections with professionals in your industry, and chat to them about the kind of technology they’re currently using. The more information you can collate, the less chance you have of a trend passing you by.

Keep it relevant to you

The trick to keeping up with technology is to find what is relevant to you and will help you in your daily life” – Oscar Mellegers, European Marketing Manager at Ricoh Europe speaking at the Condeco Workplace Innovation Forum

Even when prepared to look far and wide, you’re still unlikely to keep on top of everything new in technology. Narrowing down the kind of tech trends that are relevant to you – especially in the industry you’re employed in – makes a lot of sense.

Work together

In the workplace, the onus shouldn’t solely be on you to stay afloat of the latest relevant tech developments. Gather fellow team members and attempt to divide and conquer the technology and software that your office should know about. You can break things down even further, and assign a colleague to topics that are within their realm of responsibility or interest – after all, having a passion for the topic at hand really helps you keep interested (and updated)!

Redefine your needs

Technology shouldn’t dictate the workplace – the workplace should dictate technology. Don’t fall into the trap of deploying a piece of software just because it’s shiny and new and considered the latest must-have; teams should work together on the overall strategy, to ensure that you’re looking in the right places for the right products. Think about each department and process within your workplace as a cog in a hopefully well-oiled machine, and approach the latest technology trends from that angle.

Be realistic

You’re probably a busy person, with an overflowing workload. Don’t hold yourself to impossible standards by thinking you need to know about every new product on the market in detail, or drown yourself in free demos. Make note of the key points regarding any new trends, and if it seems like something that might be interesting or useful to you, make a date to investigate it further (perhaps with other members of your team). Don’t sweat the small stuff – if it doesn’t pique your interest, maybe it’s not for you, and that’s ok.

Sanya Olaleye I Technical Project Manager I Condeco 

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