Thursday 27th October 2016

Recent statistics tell us that an increasing number of people are working from home. Most of those remote workers claim they can be more productive working at home, instead of the office. However, there are lots of distracting factors at home to manage and avoid. So in this chaotic home environment, how can you stay focused?

Let the daylight in. At least in the daytime. Scientists believe it is the best lighting for our well being and comfort. What’s more, it also saves you energy costs too.

Let a house plant share the daylight with you. Choose one which needs no special care. It has been scientifically proven that house plants benefits you both physically and psychologically. Find out more about biophilic design in the workplace.

Adjust the temperature. You are the master of the thermostat since there is no colleagues around to tell you whether the heating should be on or off. The ideal productivity temp is around 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). Read more about workplace temperature in: Is your office office temperature affecting productivity?

Surround yourself with the right colours in your in your environment for each kind of tasks: blue affects our mind; yellow our emotions; red our body; and green our ‘balance’. Decide on the right colour for your environment: The psychology of colour int he workplace

Play the right music in the background. Sounds of nature could boost moods and focus. Music with around 60 beats per minute could reduce the feeling of stress and increase the sense of relaxation.

Get inspired. Whatever it is – pictures family and friends or motivational quotes by philosophers – make them visible in your workplace.

Avoid distraction: get snacks & drinks and the office supplies you might need at the start of the day and save your laundry for later.

‘Already-done-lists’ motivate us rather than ‘to-do-lists’. Alternatively, you may try a ‘not-to-do-list’ to stay focused on the more important things.

Wear what you would usually wear in the office.Firstly, your regular outfit will help you feel confident. And secondly, you won’t be caught in your lounge wear in case your colleagues or a client want a Skype meeting. For inspiration on workplace clothing, read Does your dress code affect workplace productivity?

Take a break on a regular basis. But keep it short. Set a timer if necessary.

Research report: Attitudes to Hybrid Working.

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