Thursday 3rd November 2022
How to implement our visitor management system | Condeco

A good visitor management system | Condeco

A good visitor management system can be a real asset for everyone within your building. That’s whether it’s the employees arranging meetings, the visitors coming in for them, or the wider business that benefits from a positive experience and outcome.

If you’re new to the idea of visitor management, it may seem like a complex undertaking that requires lots of time and specialist IT knowledge to set-up and manage. But with Proxyclick, nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s take a look at just how easy it is to get started with our visitor management system, and the benefits you can enjoy once you’re fully up to speed.

How to implement our visitor management system | Condeco

Visitor management made easy

  • Initial set-up: it takes just a few minutes for an individual staff member to create their profile within the system. By providing their corporate email address and their phone number, they can receive automated emails or text notifications the moment a visitor arrives and checks in for their arranged meetings. There’s also the option for managers to add the contact details of their personal assistant, so that they are looped into all arrangements, too.
  • Creating visits: there are two elements involved in visit creation, all of which take a matter of seconds to complete. The first is the main dashboard, from which users can create new visits, set up recurring visits, add comments for reception that inform them about specific details, and send invitation emails to visitors.The second is the ability to create meetings and add visitors directly through a Microsoft Outlook calendar via the Condeco add-in. It’s as simple as creating a meeting entry in Outlook as normal, then clicking “Prepare Visit” to open up a new box, into which visit details can be entered. It’s also possible to add visitors and pre-register them as an expected visitor, just by adding their email address and “” into the “To:” field.
  • Configuration and customization: with the basics sorted, you can then go on to explore various options to perfect the look and feel of the platform and tailor it to your specific needs. For example, you can turn certain features on and off depending on whether they’re relevant, and customize the kiosk and check-in procedures so that visitors are giving you the right information. You can also hone the design of the badges that your visitors wear, using templates and custom fields to give badges the right combination of information and branded design.
  • Management features: rolling out the platform to large numbers of users is quick and easy — you can add individual users manually, or import lists of users in bulk. It’s also possible to connect the platform to your existing identity provider and bring users into the system that way.

Adding multiple locations is also a fast process thanks to the ability to duplicate settings from one to another. Once you’ve created one location, you can create a copy of it for another location and then adjust the details to suit, removing the need to start each location set-up process from scratch every time.

How visitor experiences benefit end users

Benefit of a visitor management system | Condeco

The most important benefit of a visitor management system is how it makes life easier for both visitors and employees, every time they get together on your premises:

  • Employees find it easier than ever to arrange meetings, especially with visitor management integrated with workspace booking and scheduling. In a matter of minutes, and from one platform, they can find a meeting room and book it for the required time, invite external visitors, and notify the front-of-house team of their expected arrival.
  • Visitors gain from a much quicker and simpler check-in process, through a secure self-service kiosk rather than having to go through paperwork with a receptionist. They’ll get all the meeting details emailed to them before they even arrive, and wayfinding information that leads them to the meeting room once they’re checked in. That way, they can organize their schedule and get straight into the meeting, as quickly and easily as possible.

Want to see Proxyclick in-action? Our Brooklyn Navy Yard customer story digs into the details of how the 300-acre industrial park with thousands of daily visitors embraced the power of Proxyclick to streamline their daily operation.

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