Monday 4th February 2019

Fresh from The University of Essex, where he studied BSC Accounting, Mujtaba Syed spent a day with our team after winning the One Days Mentorship through the University of Essex Careers Fair. And Just like the rest of Generation Z, Mujtaba was enthusiastic, with an open mind, and eager to learn as much as he could.

Based with our technology team, Mujtaba had one on one access to gain a deeper understanding, and expand his knowledge base of data management using the CRM with our specialised in-house team.

He also worked closely with Andrew Griffith to understand accounting, analytics and data mapping.

While Mujtaba was with Condeco for a day of learning, we could also learn from him, as he shared his own insight on the workplace and technology through the eyes of Gen Z. Here’s what he had to say:

Where do you see yourself in 2028?

University has been an amazing experience, I have been able to expand my knowledge, I gained presentation skills, the ability to effectively research and managing my own schedule and deadlines. I would really appreciate the option to explore these skills further, and to build on my accountancy knowledge and incorporate this into a role, and will absolutely want to become Salesforce certified.

one on one with Gen Z

How do you like to be motivated in the workplace?

For me personally, mentorships have been invaluable. The depth of knowledge and insight I am able to gain from working closely with a key figure within a business has been fantastic. I was introduced to Salesforce while on a previous mentorship programme at Magneta, and through this I was able to complete my first Salesforce qualification. I now feel even more motivated during my job searches.

One on One with Gen Z 1

How do you establish working relationships with your colleagues?

One of the core skill sets I gained while studying is confidence, although this isn’t officially on the curriculum at university, it’s something you learn in abundance. In regard to establishing relationships with colleagues, I’m new to the working environment, and my face to face interactions are generally through the interview process.

So far, I’ve found this to be a huge learning curve, especially in understanding different people across a range of different industries. One of the main factors is for me to establish relationships is communication, and this is more from a non-verbal communication aspect, responding to mannerisms, demeanour and the general friendliness of people I have interacted with, can then determine how I engage with them.

What excites you about the future of technology?

For me, I would like to see a focus on the workplace technology infrastructure, which includes personalised technology for each employee, whether that is as simple as a specific keyboard choice and a wireless mouse, or a smart office.

one on one with Gen Z 2

What would you like to see in office design within the next 5 to 10 years?

My ideal workplace would incorporate an element of employee engagement, as well as a focus on recreational elements; table tennis to keep active, as well as a cool social setting where I can bond with my colleagues. Staying on the active theme, I would also like to see a gym membership. But I feel businesses should place a huge importance on a mentorship programme>; the guidance and constructive feedback you can receive from a co-worker is priceless.

Name three technologies you can’t live without in the workplace?

I used an interactive app while I was studying, it’s for Salesforce learning, called TrailHead. But the three technologies I can’t live without would be my mobile device, the Google Maps app (I would literally be lost without it) and voice integration on my mobile device.

UPDATE: Mujtaba has recently accepted a full time position at Condeco, based in our London office, as a Junior Salesforce Administrator.

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