Wednesday 15th May 2019

The cloud is one of the most important IT developments for businesses in the 21st century. No longer tied to physical servers or outdated IT infrastructure, organisations feel the freedom and flexibility that comes with utilising the space and cost-saving cloud. Cloud-based technology offers choice, promotes better productivity, and can suit any size of organisation.

Interested? Here’s a step-by-step guide to digitally transforming your workplace by leveraging the multiple benefits of the cloud:


The first step of any digital transformation is to audit your current situation. Where are you now? What functions do you use to keep your business performing solidly on a daily basis? Consider how you can potentially move these functions into a digital space, via the cloud.

A recent report by CBRE found that of 400 global corporations surveyed, two-thirds plan to implement shared desk workspaces by 2020. – CBRE, 2019, Asia Pacific Real Estate Market Outlook 2019


Now, contemplate what you’d like to achieve, and exactly how you can achieve it. Determine where your current technology fits alongside a more digital approach via the cloud, and how this may affect employee processes and levels of productivity.

69% of employees are placing an increasing importance on the look and feel of their workplaces.  – Condeco, 2018 Modern workplace research report.


It’s time to identify your priorities. Begin by evaluating the processes that are used frequently within your organisation, which can potentially be moved to the cloud. List all your tasks, and rate each by priority, from low to high, based on the following criteria: economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Unifying the digital and the physical with Condeco’s integrated workplace technology solutions, helps you on your digital workplace transformation journey.” – John Hilderbrands, Global presales director, Condeco


The next step is imperative – define your workplace technology requirements, across the entire business. How will you manage the daily processes that keep your workplace ticking over? How will you operate and maintain communication platforms? By defining your specific wants and needs, you can then determine the tools that will you help you with your journey to the cloud.


Selecting the right vendors to help you achieve your full digital transformation can be a tricky task. Align your business with those who offer the most robust, scalable cloud-based platforms, as well as strong customer support, for those inevitably tricky moments that may crop up from time to time.

Up to 25% of businesses could be using virtual assistants in customer service within the next few yearsCondeco, 2019 Is the workplace ready for voice assistants report


We all know how important assessment is in business, and a digital transformation is no exception – you should never stop looking for room to improve. Hopefully, the tools you’ve selected to aid your digital transformation provide reporting ability, so that you can easily and adequately assess the effects on a regular basis.

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