Tuesday 11th April 2017

Busting the Myths Surrounding Desk SharingDesk sharing, or hot desking as it is often known, is an increasingly popular choice for modern workplaces.

The benefits are clear; in traditional offices, occupancy is usually lower than the number of desks available, meaning money and space is wasted. Desk sharing avoids this issue.

However, humans are generally territorial and fearful of change; it is not a surprise that some businesses receive a negative response to the idea of introducing hot desking. That said, most fears surrounding the concept are simply unfounded myths, all easily explained away and avoided.

Myth One: I Won’t Be Able to Find a Desk

Desk booking software is the obvious solution, and something that all businesses who undertake desk sharing should invest in.

Desk booking software can often be used via mobile, and can be configured to allow last-minute bookings, ensuring that booking a desk is as easy as possible.

Myth Two: I Won’t Have Anywhere to Put My Stuff

The easiest solution harks back to school days – lockers, or some other form of lockable storage that is easily accessible.

Employees should be encouraged to store their items here as much as possible, to avoid any issues or confusion.

Myth Three: There Will Fights over Desks

Booking via desk booking software should not cause any issues like this, however, if confusion does somehow occur, digital signage can help solve the problem.

Myth Four: People Will Leave the Desks Messy

The simplest answer is to introduce a clear desk policy alongside your desk sharing solution. It’s up to you how far you take the clear desk idea; some businesses only enforce it at the end of each day, whereas others have it in play at all times.

Find out what works best for your employees and ensure it is communicated and managed well.

Myth Five: Employees Who Have Additional Needs Will Find It Hard

Additional needs always need to be taken into account when planning your hot desking solution. The most efficient way to manage this situation is to arrange each workstation in a way that it can be adapted for individuals at any time.

Myth Six: I’ll Be Too Far Away from My Team Members

Desk booking software can include group booking functions, so that teams can book a bank of desks next to each other.

However, it is also a good idea to consider that sometimes, there may be a benefit to employees sitting further away from their team members than is traditional; increased socialisation between different work teams is always positive, and can lead to more creative collaboration in the workplace, not to mention a bolstered positive mood.

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