Friday 7th July 2017

Let’s face it. Managing meeting room space can be just plain maddening. Is a room reserved, and if so, at what time?

“We were told the room was booked, but it sure looks empty.” “Do I have to coordinate meeting rooms through the receptionist? What if he’s not available?”

Even the smallest companies often find that meeting room management can be a big frustration for the facility manager and end users alike – until now. Industry innovation is making better management of valuable, costly meeting room real estate almost immediate.

Making the most of your space

Here’s why we believe today is the right time to start making the most of your meeting room space:

1. No more double-booking of rooms

With today’s technology, everything is connected, so you can see instantaneously if a meeting room is reserved and for how long. And, if the room is booked for the time you want, you can find one that is available right away. This cuts down on wasted time hunting for rooms and increases collaboration.

2. No more waste of critical space due to meeting no-shows

You can set the business rules for use of each meeting room upfront, including an automatic “bump” feature that cancels a room booking if the requestor fails to sign into the room within a designated time that you set in the rules – usually 15 minutes. Other business rules can include restricting a room to certain times of the day or days of the week to ensure it is available for other needs or groups.

3. No waiting: easy to set up, easy for everyone to use from anywhere

Cloud-based systems with plug ‘n play capabilities make installation of a meeting room management system almost immediate. Employees will also be able to use it right away. With RFID-enabled check-in for rooms from employee ID badges and apps to find and reserve rooms right from their mobile phones, employees can begin using your meeting room management system immediately. Not next week, or next month, but right away with self-serve capabilities from anywhere.

4. No user training

Yes, Condeco’s meeting room management is just that intuitive and easy-to-use. You won’t have to arrange time for staff to be trained – they’ll just do it, using integration with their existing Microsoft Exchange and, soon, with Google Calendar.

5. No costly investment

Even the smallest firms can benefit from a meeting room management system because pricing is both flexible and affordable. Companies can pick what’s best for their budget and switch to other options as their business grows and needs change. Speaking of investment, because a meeting room management system will also provide detailed data on room usage, you’ll know when and which meeting rooms are in demand the most or least used, so you can either convert unused space for other priorities or plan new meeting space more effectively.

It’s just that easy to eliminate meeting room madness and replace it with simplicity, savings and increased productivity throughout your company. So, don’t just meet, connect – with Condeco Connect.

*This article was written by Alison Dahlman, Vice President of Marketing – Americas at Condeco.

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