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Interior architecture and design is the art of encompassing your surroundings, and creating new ways of designing your space to enhance your environment. Understanding materials, textures, fabrics, colour, technology, structure, light and space will help to improve the atmosphere, usability and mood of your environment.

Buildings and urban spaces should be designed first and foremost around their occupants. The importance of architecture as a trigger to physical, physiological and psychological wellbeing is nowadays becoming a topic of significant relevance.” ~ Dr Sergio Altomonte, architect and associate professor, department of architecture and built environment, Nottingham university

Alex Glenister, Condeco UK Account Manager, has a passion for interior architecture and shares his top eight London workspaces, showcasing some of the most innovative and collaborative spaces from a variety of design perspectives including design, space and form, site and function, materials and texture, light and mood, as well as presentation and representation.

Huckletree, Shoreditch

Shared workspaces and private studios

Huckletree, Shoreditch, London

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AG: The floor and ceiling are in total contrasts with each other, but work together in harmony. With a splash of colour from the arch way artwork to the ice blue interior of the lampshades, it’s a cool white space. The floor makes the room feel bigger with asymmetrical design. Branding is important, and this has been achieved by creating a large wall to break up the space, giving the space dedicated sections. This space also includes a squash court, private rooftop terrace, and a super cool ride-in bike ramp!


Ticketmaster’s International Headquarters

International Headquarters which meets the requirements of 450 strong employers

Ticketmaster’s International Headquarters, London

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AG: This is a super fun communal space, allowing you to engage with your co-workers, harnessing your childhood through an industrial style slide. But this space has a serious side and focuses on health and wellbeing, with a Fitness centre, where employees can join in programmes from yoga to boxercise. Pinball and arcade machines bring to life this space and the juke box creates an atmosphere, although I can’t help you choose the tunes, it definitely promotes social cohesion.


Forge & Co, Shoreditch

Social working spaces, meeting rooms, dining

 Forge & Co, Shoreditch, London

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AG: I feel the neutral tones of this space completely complement the brick walls, giving this co-working environment an industrial feel. Mental chairs and an open plan space will allow for conversations and engagement with your co-workers at the communal shared table. Window views onto a bustling inner-city street add a cool urban vibe.


Impact Hub, Westminster

Flexible co-working space

Impact Hub, Westminster, London

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AG: This workspace, which is called The Think Box, has an industrial corporate feel, with subtly painted pastel green walls, research shows blue and green can have a calming effect. The view from the boardroom is framed with the glass panelling allowing views of the busy workspace, and natural light to flow through.


Soho Works

Workspace for individuals

Soho Works, London

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AG: Located in London’s Iconic Tea Building, this sparsely decorated room, but the minimalist look works perfectly. The furniture and plant placement framing the space, which allows natural light and a view of the outside. High chairs bring together a very simplistic but effective space. The lamps on the desk bring depth and personality to the room, almost creating your own working space within a shared environment.



Private spaces in residential homes


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AG: This is different co-working space which offers householders and professionals to hire and share spaces across the country.  This particular space is located in Notting Hill, London. The greenery and the antique desk bring subtly and class to this space, creating a feel of nature and a touch of biophilic design. The white walls allow the furniture and plants to stand out as a major feature.


We Work, South Bank

Co-Working Spaces

We Work, South Bank, London

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AG: The oversized lettering stands out as a major feature, using matt colours and dark greys. The industrial furniture and artwork on the walls ties the room together with colour. The hanging lights bring an industrial feel, with a splash of colour from the red chair for workers to relax. The bar nestled in corner brings an element of fun and engagement for co-workers who want to take this space from fun to function.


We Work, Soho

Co-Working Spaces

We Work, Soho, London

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AG: This is a clever workspace nestled in a communal area of the building, the textured wall paper is a conversation starter, incorporating interesting artwork. The space is light and bright and the boardroom table has rounded edges with a rustic wooden feel, keeping away from the traditional square table

“Interior architecture is the balancing of the art and science of designing an interior space taking into account all elements of the build.” ~ Malek Kabbara, Business Development Executive, Nowy Styl Group

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