What's New?

Jun 29 2020

Vendors and the cleaning workflow

To help organizations ensure that an employee’s working environment is kept clean and safe, we’ve added a desk cleaning workflow to our Vendor module. Vendors can identify the desks that require cleaning through a change of use, or from a release, helping to reduce the load on cleaning teams.

Desk cleaning workflow

When a desk is booked, cleaning is scheduled for the last day of the booking. In the event of a desk booking being released, deleted or bumped, the desk is scheduled for immediate cleaning so it can be made available for another booking.

Desks cannot be booked whilst there is an outstanding cleaning task and if a cleaning task is not completed by a set time, the next booking is canceled and the user informed by email.

Vendor workflow and dashboard

The vendor workflow makes sure that a task for deep cleaning is automatically assigned to the designated vendor contact when a desk occupant is going to change.

The vendor monitor a color-coded dashboard to view and manage tasks.