What's New?

Jul 11 2016

Improved functionality and new features

Desk inter-group booking

Desk users are now able to have different restrictions applied to their default group and all other non-default groups. For example, you could book two weeks in advance in your default group, but only one day in advance in other groups you have access to.

Desk booking with break periods

A new setting “Maximum Weeks Selectable” has been introduced so that you can book a desk even if you will be away for a period of time. For example, admin configures settings to book four weeks in advance but only on a maximum of two weeks: If you are going on holiday for two weeks, you can still book on the week when you will come back.

Admins can set users’ default location

Administrators can now set Default Locations from the User Administration page, so that users are not presented with the profile page upon first time login.

Meeting email reminders

Individual meeting reminders can now be enabled on a global level. This allows you to choose if and when you want to be sent an email reminder for your meeting.